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Doughnuts…Is there anything they can’t do?

Homer Simpson is brilliant:)

Last year the world was taken over by the obsession with CUPCAKES. Little tiny cakes packed full of deliciousness. I still contend that my friend Nicole, who gave up on the blogging world awhile ago, is the ALL-TIME BEST at making homemade cupcakes. Her specialties (and my favs) were Chocolate Peanut Butter filled with a Chocolate Ganache icing, White Chocolate Wasabi with a Plum Filling (only made it once, but it is still MY fav) and the Mint Creme Filled with a Raspberry Mousse-like icing…

Oh man, I might have to convince her to make them again because this girl is CRAVING them for sure now…


I think 2011 is the year of the Doughnut! I fully expect to see little boutique doughnut shops to start popping up all over the country. The other day on Twitter, someone mentioned The Doughnut Vault (opened recently!). I googled them, of course, and this is what I found:


HOW cute is this place?! It gets better…



and the goods…



So if you are in the Chicago area, keep checking The Doughnut Vault’s website to see when they officially open and LET ME KNOW, so that I can go ahead and start planning a trip to visit this place. Doesn’t it look AMAZING?!

update: I just saw they they have officially opened…so now…WHO WANTS TO GO TO CHICAGO?!

Do you know of any cute doughnut shops opening in your town/city? Share the info…

If you LOVE doughnuts and want to learn how to make them at home, check out the beautiful recipes from Lara Ferroni or better yet, go pick up her book, Doughnuts: Simple and Delicious Recipes to Make at Home, at your nearest bookstore…like I mentioned yesterday, you might run into me and Jay back in the magazines.

Happy Thursday!

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

Hello from the Windy City! My co-worker and I traveled to Chicago until tomorrow afternoon for the CASE-NAIS Independent School Conference. All-in-all it’s been a pretty fun event. The food has been DELICIOUS albeit we’ve had to stand for almost every meal?! By day (when I’m not blogging) I am the Communications/Public Relations Manager for an AMAZING independent school, Trinity Episcopal School, in Charlotte, NC. We’ve picked up a lot of great ideas and tips while here in COLD Chi-town, but I am anxious to get back home in the double digit weather where I belong. Until then, enjoy some pics from the trip so far:

Above: Check out the amazing food we’ve had!

Below: One of the coolest parts of the conference was last night was partnering with The Windy City Fieldhouse to build toys for  children in need. Vanessa and I built a Radio Flyer tricycle! (the lady taking the picture decided the floor space in front of the tricycle was more important than the tops of our heads…go figure!:)

I will resume with regular-week postings on Friday! Until then…