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Make It Monday | Everyone Can Use S’More Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am super excited to show you my Valentine’s craft for today’s Make It Monday. I’ve worked on this idea for the last couple of weeks and finally put it all together last night and this morning before work. Here’s the idea:

Everyone Needs S’MORE Love!

Last night after our Valentine’s dinner date, my hubby and I embarked on the homemade marshmallow journey. Thank goodness for Smitten Kitchen‘s instructions and caution of the potential mess…we actually made it through the entire project without much mess at all. I have two observations and notes for next time though.

1. Get a stand mixer: I have a cute little hand mixer, but you have to whip this stuff for 15 minutes! Jay and I had to take turns:)

2. Use a smaller pan or whip longer: My marshmallows turned out a little thinner than I had planned so I can either use a smaller pan next time or whip the mixture a little longer so that it expands more.

Here are some photos of the prep work:

And here is the final product:

Where did I get these cute little boxes?!

Garnish – check them out for the cutest customizable packaging materials. LOVE this company!

Have a Happy Valentine’s Day and Spread the LOVE


Everyone Can Use S’MORE Love!

Make It Monday: Spread the LOVE

“Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.”
– Earl of Chesterfield

I know this time of year is really great for some and not so great for others. There are clubs around Charlotte that are having anti-Valentine’s day parties and are celebrating broken relationships. Valentine’s Day, for me, did not originate from a relationship with a boyfriend and has never really been “about” my dating relationship…it originated with my parents. We used to get little valentines from my mom and dad…because they loved us and wanted to take a moment to show us their love a little differently via a cute, sometimes corny, card and some candy.

Whether or not it’s a “Hallmark” holiday conspiracy by the “evil” greeting card companies of the world, I tend to be of the mindset that…What the heck?  Everyone could use some silly lovin’ one day out of the year and we could all spare some time and effort to give that silly lovin’ to the folks around us or to folks we don’t even know.

If you want love…you’ve got to give love (there’s a reason that’s so catchy…) So if you find yourself without a typical “sweetheart” this Valentine’s, please stop yourself from the cynical pity party that is encouraged and take that energy and make a Valentine craft for someone you love or even better, someone you DON’T love…

Here are some fun ideas and crafts to get you inspired:

{“Unraveling a Letter DIY” from papernstitch}

{Paper Garland DIY via RealSimple}

{DIY Cupid’s Arrow Cupcake via Creature Comforts *Includes Downloadable Vday Freebies*}

Here’s to a happy, crafty Monday…try not to take yourself so seriously today and smile, because you are loved:)

Make It Monday: V-Day FEVER

Have you got it yet?? The Valentine’s Day FEVER?! I do…in a major way. In my blog-reading a couple weeks ago, I stumbled on The Stationery Place’s blog to see she had announced a handmade Valentine Swap.

I signed up as soon as I read it!! Here’s the deal: everyone submitted their name and address to Lyndsey. She compiled and emailed 5 different names/addresses to each person. Each person is to handmake 5-6 valentines and get in the mail to their list this week. How fun is that?!

I might try to do something LIKE this soon for another holiday. It sounds really cool! Would you participate if I launched a project like this?? I hope so…I mean, the internet is great but NOTHING beats a handwritten note in the mail…doesn’t everyone like getting REAL mail??

So in the spirit of all things love-y and valentines-esque, here is today’s craft challenge…homemade Valentine’s:

Martha Stewart dot com has a ton of super creative card ideas, but she also has really creative V-day decor like this super cute heart doilies:

I recently received my February issue of Better Homes and Gardens and they published a whole section of super cute and crafty Valentines like this…

and this…

and for the more “I-don’t-want-to-do-a-traditional-card” folks, here’s a crafty V-day example from one of my most FAVORITE blogs, Oh Hello Friend

I hope these examples motivate you to go craft your own personal Valentine’s Day cards for your loved ones. Happy V-day!!

PS: Don’t forget about the Moleskine Giveaway! Contest ends this Thursday!!