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One cannot think well, love well, sleep well…

…if one has not dined well.

Thank you for putting it so perfectly, Virginia Woolf.

They say to be successful in the blogging world, you should write about the things you love. My intentions for Uglyspots and this blog is to do just that. I’ve never really wanted to quit my “day job” and blog full-time for money, I just really want to share a little or a lot (depending on the day) of the things that I love.

I love design…specifically in the craft/stationery realm. I love parties…themed parties with all their intricate details, favors, special touches. I love people…supporting them, encouraging them, etc…new people, old people and (special place in my heart) people in need. And finally, I love food…cooking, learning new recipes, challenging myself, eating (LOVE eating!), great restaurants, great dinners at home and really, really great photos of food…food is so artistic and beautiful…and the sharing of a meal with others (people I know or don’t know) is one of my most favorite things in this entire world.

Some of the richest conversations and experiences that have impacted me so, forever changing who I am, have happened over great meals. Today I wanted to inspire you by showcasing some of my most favorite chefs/food bloggers from around the web. These are weekly, if not daily, reads for me and I hope you are inspired by their art and their recipes as well:

Cannelle et Vanille

This might sound silly to most of you, but Aran’s photos have literally brought me to tears before…I’m not even kidding. Her recipes are amazing (most use ingredients that I’ve never heard of, but I’m learning) but her photography of her food is absolutely breathtaking. I am super excited about her first cookbook to be published in the fall 2012. All of her recipes are gluten-free due to her diagnosis of Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and  Meniere’s Disease. So if you are living the gluten-free life or considering a healthier eating regimen, I would highly recommend trying her recipes featured here on her website.

a la mode

…because life really DOES taste better with ice cream. This blog features the beautiful photography of Rick Poon, a Los Angeles-based photographer. We share a love interest of eating at fun restaurants and taking photos of our food…um, however, I cannot even begin to put our photos of said food in the same category…his are spectacular. He’s also got some fun recipes…click here for the recipe of the risotto with poached egg and bacon pictured above. PS…have I mentioned my love for bacon…it runs deep, ya’ll…pretty much one of the main reasons I’m not vegetarian…not kidding:)


I’ve written about Molly Wizenberg before on the blog and featured her book, A Homemade Life, and her Pasta with Fried Proscuitto, Parmesan and Butter recipe. I love love love this lady and her words…the personal life stories she recounts in her book using recipes from her past are truly magical. She also owns a restaurant, Delancey, with her husband in Seattle…which I will definitely visit the next time I am in the upper west side of the US of A.

Sunday Suppers

Last but not least, one of my most favorites, Karen Mordechai of Sunday Suppers. Not only does she take fabulous photos of food, she also is living one of my dreams…Sunday Suppers are combined cooking/dining experiences, pairing friends and food. She hosts classes in a loft in Brooklyn, NY, that feature local Chefs. “The food is market fresh, local and organic and the approach is to create seasonal and fresh meals together.”

THIS is what I want to do…such a perfect blend of two things that I love…food and people. Karen hosts these classes for folks to come prepare, cook and eat some of the most exquisite recipes I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t just stop with the food…she incorporates beautiful floral arrangements, place settings, designed menus and details and then usually includes a take-away of some sort…this is one of my favorites:

Honey Fromage Blanc

One day, I will host my own supper club like this…hopefully one day soon when I can get my stuff together. How fun would that be?! So I hope you can spend some time perusing these fantastic blogs and if you have any favorites of your own to share, do so in the comment section…I am always looking to add to my collection of food blog favs.

Happy Thursday!

Foodie Friday #2: Recipe Reveal

Happy Friday!! Sorry, I didn’t do an ingredient teaser this week…it would’ve given it away. So, a little background to this week’s recipe challenge…Jay and I frequently hit up Books-a-million or Barnes & Noble to peruse magazines and books on sale. Have you ever done this? Books-a-Million has a TON of books on Clearance at all times….no, really…all the time! I usually head straight for the cookbooks. I’m a total sucker for cover designs too, so every time we go, I end up picking up one or two books. This time I picked up two cookbooks:

I would encourage you to check out both books. CYT has some really great information regarding what certain foods do to your body and how to generally eat better without dieting (which we all know NEVER works long-term) and Amy Sedaris’ cookbook is truly HILARIOUS. She is so stinkin’ funny and the recipes are pretty yummy.

So this week’s recipe is from the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook and it features one of my most recent obsessions…eggs! I’ve always liked eggs…but only the scrambled or omelet kind…I don’t know why it took me so long to be introduced to the deliciousness that is a fried egg (over-medium) and poached eggs! They are so yummy…I actually could eat a fried egg at any time of the day…in fact, after a recent Top Chef All-Stars episode, they referred to the new up and coming chef, Wylie Dufresne from wd-50 in NY, as an “egg-whore” because of his love and obsession for cooking eggs and including them in a LOT of dishes…Jay looked at me and pointed saying “that’s you…you’re totally an egg-whore”…not the sweetest thing he’s ever said, but the boy doesn’t lie:) hahaha so egg-whore, here we go:

Eggs Benedict on a Muffin
with Garlic Aioli

For the eggs
8 fresh chives
Salt, to taste
Pepper, to taste
2 tablespoons white vinegar
4 large eggs
2 whole-wheat English muffins
8 slices smoked salmon (4 ounces)
1 cup mixed baby greens

For the garlic aioli
1 1/2 cups reduced-fat mayonnaise
2 cloves garlic, coarsely chopped
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 teaspoon finely grated lemon zest
Salt, to taste
Freshly ground pepper, to taste
2 tablespoons water, warm
2 tablespoons flat-leaf parsley, finely chopped

For the rest of the recipe, click here to view and download the recipe card (add it to your collection:))

Like last time, I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and your “g0-t0” meals to try something new…a new recipe once a week. So try it out and come back here, leave a comment and let me know what you think of the recipe…did you like it? did you substitute or leave something out on purpose?


Sneak Peek: Foodie Friday

I can’t help myself – I am too excited about the first ever “Foodie Fridays” post! Will you join me and try out one new recipe each week?? Leave a comment and let me know if you will! So, for today’s sneak peek, I will post the ingredient/shopping list so that you can hit the grocery store if you need to. Here goes:

SECRET Recipe Ingredients (to be revealed Friday!!)

Unsalted Butter
Penne Rigate

Are you excited yet?? Don’t be fooled by the short ingredient list, this thing looks YUMMY:)

See you Friday!