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On the Hunt

for furniture. I know what you’re probably thinking…weren’t you just whining about all the crap you needed to purge and sell at this yard sale?! Yes. Yes I was.

I don’t need just ANY furniture. I need something special…actually three special pieces…and these three pieces need to provide me which some MAJOR storage function-age.

Our kitchen has one wall of cabinets…9 cabinets and 4 drawers to be exact. That’s not even HALF of the cabinet storage I have now. And it’s a small kitchen…no room for an table or anything…so I am on the search for a super cute kitchen cart/shelf unit. It needs to be somewhat slim, but have a couple drawers and/or cabinets and I’m thinking a cutting board top or something like that?

Here are some I’ve been scoping out:

I guess it doesn’t actually need to be a cart, it could be a slim shelving unit…possibly like these DIY kitchen islands:

Another piece I am on the hunt for is a fun sideboard/buffet for our dining room. We will need the storage space {desperately} for all the fun serve-ware I’ve accumulated over the years that I REFUSE to part with.

I found this beauty at Sleepy Poet today and for only $295, it is on my mind heavily…but I’m still looking:

and I found this one too…it’s a little cheaper but not as fun in color…i LOVE ^ that green!!

Here are some others I found on the web…

So if you are out and about, will you help me scope out some gems…I’m not opposed to DIY either…might actually be a fun thing to cove on the blog, so just let me know.

I’ll leave you with this photo from design*sponge. This is my ideal pantry…it reminds me of my friend, Nicole, she has the most organized pantry of anyone I know (and always has FUN snacks in there too!). I will probably have to commission her to come help me organize my stuff once we move:)


Emersonmade on design*sponge

Happy Tuesday!

Swoon | Rooftop Terraces

I LOVE short weeks! It’s already Wednesday which means we are less than 2 weeks away from summer break. I technically work during the summer but we do have summer hours (9am-4pm) and I can wear shorts and flip flops:)

A lot is going on right now…or potentially going on. We *might* have a renter for our house which means we may be making a move to Charlotte in the next few months. Fingers crossed!

Jay and I took the afternoon on Monday to drive around the City to see what rentals were available. We have a list of 20 or so to call today, so we will see. On our drive, we found ourselves in Fourth Ward in Uptown. There were these quaint townhomes with rooftop terraces! They were so stinkin’ cute. I’ve been daydreaming about terraces now for the past few days so I thought I would feature some of the best terraces around. (Maybe I can add my own to this list one day!)


Rooftop Terrace Restaurant at 230 Fifth, NYC


This resataurant has been on my list every time I visit New York and I haven’t made it yet. It’s okay though…more reason to go back. How beautiful is this in the middle of one of my favorite cities!

LOVE this!

A rooftop renovation in SoHo that is just stunning via Apartment Therapy!


Rooftop Garden Terrace, Seattle

Rooftop in Chicago, Featured by Dwell

Rooftop Garden...wait?! What?!?

Kidding…not quite the “rooftop” terrace I was thinking, but how cool is that?!

So I’m on the search for fun rooftop bars or restaurants in Charlotte…help a girl out! 🙂 Happy Wednesday to you!

Rain Drops Keep Fallin’ on My Head…

Yuck! So I, for one, am not usually a hater of the rain, but this rain today combined with the tragedy that is our water heater bursting at 3am has me a little down in the dumps. I am one day into my Facebook fast for Lent and I am already dying…which is kind of shameful, huh?

My name is Jessica and I am a Facebook addict. There…I said it. Hopefully this time away will center me on something more than the narcissistic habits that our culture and outlets such as Facebook have bred in us. Thinking back on the sermon at Renovatus last weekend, I don’t want to desensitized or lured away from the actual human interaction around me because of a website or my iPhone, etc. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love blogs, networks, etc., and I know for a fact that some great interactions can take place via the interWEB but I just don’t want to be so one-sided.

So on a thoughtful Thursday…here are some rainy day photos that hopefully make you smile:)





And lastly I’ll leave you one of my favorite rainy day videos…man if I could dance like this…one day, my friends!